Wednesday, February 8, 2012

December 2011

Trying to get a decent picture by the tree before church.

Visiting Santa.  I look so sickly least my excuse was that I was actually sick.  Now what do I say?  I really pushed myself to get out a little in December so the kids could have a good time.  Parenting is all about sacrifice, right?

Blake had a tonsillectomy the beginning of December.  He finally doesn't snore like an overweight old man.  Really, it was bad.  He stopped breathing multiple times in the night when I would check on him, so it had to be done.  Now he sleeps so quietly.  Half the time I think he is dead.  He did pretty well the first three days and then not so well the next couple.  I will spare you the details.  I'm just glad I don't have to wake up every 4 hours to give him his medication anymore.

The only girl cousins in the family.  The mom's decided they needed to have matching pajamas.  We were so glad to have Clara with us again.

Waiting at the top of the stairs Christmas morning.  At around 7:15 Carter came in and asked if Santa had come.  We assured him that he probably had, but we were going to wait until 7:30 to wake Vivian up.  Blake came in at 7:20 and asked if he could go downstairs to see everything.  We told him to wait.  The next thing we know, we hear Blake gasp with excitement from downstairs saying "Santa came, he really came".  Cody yelled downstairs for Blake to get back up.  We didn't hear anything from him, so we thought he was sulking in his bed.  At 7:40, we went in to check on him and he had fallen back asleep in his bed.  What child does that after they have seen everything Santa has brought?  It's so Blake.  

So happy that Santa pulled through and bought him a replacement pair of cowboy boots.  His other one's were no longer wearable and we had a hard time finding the perfect one's.  

Vivian basically sat on the couch and went through her stocking eating the candy inside and looking at everyone's books.  

The kids were really excited about the new trampoline that their awesome parents bought them.  

Vivian feeding her new puppy a bottle that she got for her baby.  This girl is ALL girl and is very motherly.  

One last picture for the month of December.  I'm just proud of myself that I took more than two pictures.

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