Friday, January 27, 2012


October was a pretty good month.  We made a trip to Utah, played outside a lot, and had some Halloween fun.  

 The boys on temple square.  They could have spent days here.  

 She was on her second day of no naps.  She went the entire trip not taking one...until we drove home. 

 Taking the kids to Cornbelly's with their cousins.  Definitely a favorite place for them.

Making an all day visit to BYU.  We have to give them as much exposure as possible to this place.  We can't break tradition.

Taking a picture in the Tanner building where Cody spent many days and nights.

Back home we made over 50 caramel apples.  It was a lot of work.

The boys getting in the last swing rides of the season.  Man, we really can't wait for spring to arrive.

Halloween night.  This picture says it all.  

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